Creating Your Album

Creating your album

Once I have received your selection and created your first draft you will be sent a link of your album proof. From here you can visualise your album and comment on images and the overall spread.


Logging In

When first entering your album you will be asked to identify as the client (your name should be shown) or as a guest. The first screen should show a message from me with notes for the current draft.


navigating through your album

Below is an example of what your preview album will look like and how to navigate around it.

1) Notifications - this will show any changes or comments that have been made on my end

2) Image number

3) Move to next page

4) Change view option


Making Changes

To move forward with changes you can comment on either the spread (shown in image A below) or click the image and comment on the image itself (shown in image B).


Moving Forward

Once all comments have been made and you are happy to move forward with your album either click Submit Feedback (to move onto the next draft) or Approve Album (to move onto the cover and quoting process).


Need more help navigating through the album process watch this short video…

If you have any questions regarding the album making process feel free to get in touch!