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We live in a digital era where we take, store and share more photos than ever before but print less. Photos gather digital dust on our computer and often get forgotten. Those photos you have hidden away tell a story, your story and it deserves to be in print.

Photo Albums are a great way to preserve your memories. Digital is convenient, for sure, but will you be passing your wedding photos down to the next generation via USB? Or will you hand them something weightier — something substantial and tactile? Something that you can both hold in your hands together?

I currently offer two types of albums both with the same cover options (photo cover, fabric or leather).  The albums vary slightly in design production and page printing, this is reflected in their price. So no matter what your budget I will have an album that suits your needs and more importantly your story will be preserved.


Its very difficult to provide a price list for wedding albums as each album is custom created and quoted. Price is reflective of size, how many spreads your album has, cover choice and any upgrade selections you choose (eg. Debossing).

I currently offer two album choices from 2 different suppliers. To give you an understanding on price and album design I have included some examples of album design and price below. Should you wish to go ahead with the album process please click the enquire link below.



Album Option One

Album Option One is printed with archival ink on fine paper with a matte finish. Each spread (page) is .5mm thick so they flex just a little. The album starts with 15 spreads (30 pages) and holds a maximum of 45 (90 pages). Cover options include Photo Wrap, Book Cloth and Leather. Upgrades include Debossing, Cover Photo Strip, Cameo Cut Out and Messenger Style Covers. Production and Shipping is fast.

For more info on OPTION ONE click here


Album Option One Examples

Chloe + Andrew
Album: Option One
Size: 10x10
Cover: Photo Wrap
Spreads: 17 (2 additions*)
Upgrades: None
RRP: $1086
30% off**: $760.20
Abbey + Mark
Album: Option One
Size: 9x12
Cover: Rustic Leather* Almond Butter
Spreads: 18 (3 additions*)
Upgrades: Debossing 12x9 Blind*
RRP: $2160
30% off**: $1512

*additional cost
**if ordered in the first 12 months


Album Option Two

Album Option Two is more true to the quality of a traditional album you would have seen 20 years ago. Images are printed on thick Fuji crystal archive paper. Each spread (Page) is 1mm thick. This album starts with 10 spreads (20 pages) and holds a maximum of 30 (60 pages). Cover options include Photo Wrap, Linen, Fabric and Leather. Upgrades include Debossing, Cameo Cut Out and Fabric, Walnut or Bamboo Style Boxes. Production and Shipping takes a few weeks.

For more info on OPTION TWO click here


Album Option Two Examples

Chanelle + John
Album: Option Two
Size: 9x12
Cover: Luxe* Linen Deep Sea
Spreads: 21 (11 additions*)
Upgrades: Debossing 7x3 Gold Foil*
RRP: $2323.11
30% off**: $1626.15
Belinda + John
Album: Option Two
Size: 9x12
Cover: Luxe* Leather Alpine
Spreads: 18 (8 additions*)
Upgrades: Debossing 7x3*
RRP: $2339.79
30% off**: $1637.85

*additional cost
**if ordered in the first 12 months


What size album should I get? My most popular album is the 9x12 horizontal album. The 10x10 probably comes in a close second. When thinking of what size album you want, consider where it is going to be stored. If you want it to store your album on a bookshelf then square or portrait is probably best (then it wont stick out too much). But if it’s going to be out on display then horizontal is a great choice.

How many photos are in one album? How many photos fit on one spread? This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on how big your album is and how many spreads you end up having. I generally put more images on the ceremony + reception portion of your album and make more of a feature with the ‘portrait’ images. Having said that you can be as involved as you like with the creation process. I create the first draft as a starting point and then you are more than welcome to have your say in the direction you want your album to take.

How long does it take to get my album? The printing process can take between 3-6 weeks and the creation portion depends on you and how many drafts we end up creating. Once the creating process has began I usually complete changes within 24-48 hours after they have been sent though.

Do you offer any deals or specials? I offer 30% off albums if ordered within the first 12 months of your marriage.

Where do I begin? Start by filling out the album enquiry form and getting a list of favourites sorted. Once you have done both of these shoot us a email and I will get onto creating your first draft.

How do I choose my cover option? When your album is in the final stages of creation we can talk album cover options. If you are Gippsland based we can organise a catch up so you can see the fabric swatches in person. If a meeting is not possible you can few the swatches via the pdfs and I can describe the texture and any details you need to know over a video call.

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