Sometimes my job doesn’t feel like a job at all. Sometimes it feels as though I am simply gate crashing someones wedding and doing what I love best, taking photos. Jackie and Ben wed April this year at the gorgeous Killara Estate in Seville. This winery is quickly becoming one of my favourites for weddings out in the Yarra Valley. The venue is beautiful and the scenery is quite amazing! Jackie and Ben kept their wedding on the smaller side with Jackie referring it as more of an intimate dinner than reception. I loved this idea and Im pretty sure the guests did too. It is so hard to keep the numbers down when considering how many guests to invite to a wedding. But if you can keeping the numbers low will ensure you really get to spend time with those that have come to celebrate your big day. Jackie and Ben’s gorgeous day was very much about the two of them celebrating their love with those they love.

Its not often that a do newborn shoots and there are many reasons why. 1) I dont have any children of my own and it can be daunting directing a new mother when Ive never been one myself 2) Newborns are unpredictable and require time, patience and a nice warm environment…. I dont always have the time to be patient and hot 3) There are so many crazy talented newborn photographers out there that dedicate their whole photography existence to photographing new life. So why would I try and grab a section of this market when I know their photographs out there doing it justice. Having said that I do photograph newborns for friends, friends of friends and family of friends… which works well for me :) This is little Lux and I must say if all shoots went as easily as this one I would have to reconsider my stand on newborn shoots. He was the perfect bub for a newborn session… he slept when we wanted him to sleep and for the short time when he was awake he was quiet but alert. He was also so god damn cute!! His parents were so at ease that it was almost as though this was the 4th child not their 1st. I just hope that someday down the track when I have my 1st Im as chilled out as these two were.

Tessa Busch - 04/07/2014 - 6:06 am

They are great! Love them