Up until I was booked for Belinda + Johns wedding I had never been to the Collingwood Children’s Farm. Im ashamed to admit it but I had no idea it even existed! Well now I know that this family favourite is a great spot to hang out with your kids as well as being an awesome location for a wedding. Belinda + John managed to put together a seriously gorgeous wedding that included some farm charm with traditional elegance. There were so many things I loved about this wedding. The laid back bride + groom, the fun bridal party, the details in the reception set up, that amazing bouquet, the feasting platter set up… the list goes on. The best part about weddings likes this is that Im not the only one that loves them. The guests do too and when it comes down to it thats what its all about. The day celebrates a couples love with those they love.

I have a love hate relationship with Beach shoots, sometimes they are a nightmare. It might be crazy windy, freezing cold or if the conditions are great its usually super busy. Then there are days like this when the weather is warm, Ive managed to find a private spot on the beach and the family is having a ball. Its no secret that I love living by the bay and Ive come to realise that I love working with families that have the same love affair. There is something about the big blue ocean that I just can’t explain. Kids get it. They love the beach, they love exploring, running around in the sand and when its hot you just try and stop them from swimming in their clothes! I had a beautiful afternoon with Lucinda, Finley + their parents and even though Im a self-confessed Winter lover, shoots like this make me a little excited for Summer!