Jen + Dave // Gippsland Wedding, Port Albert

I love it when I have a wedding in a location that I haven’t shot in before. The more I work in South Gippsland the more I love it. There are so many different types of landscapes… rolling hills, green paddocks.. endless beaches.. yep its all that and more… South Gippsland is pretty special and so were the couple that got married here. ┬áJen and Dave are a true match made in heaven. They are both so incredibly kind, relaxed and so easy to work with. I remember Jen + Dave mentioning that they wanted the day to be a casual affair and if they were married at the end they would consider it a success!! If every wedding could be like theirs I would be one happy photographer.

Rebecca + Dion // Melbourne Elopement, Williamstown

Is there anything more romantic than an elopement? Nope didn’t think so. When two people decide to tie the knot and only have their closest of closest friends and family their to witness the occasion something magical happens… the day become about them… just them. So often I see couples organise their weddings around their guests… don’t get me wrong this is not always a bad thing and I was definitely one of these couples! But an elopement well that changes the whole game. You only have to focus on you and your new life partner.

Rebecca and Dion had begun to plan their big wedding when it dawned on them that that type of celebration wasn’t the right fit. They then decided to elope. So on a gorgeous sunny day in January 2014 their pair said their ‘I do’s’ in the bayside suburb of Williamstown. So what actually happens when you remove the bridal party, guests and fuss from your traditional wedding? You accumulate time… time that you get to spend with your love. So once the formalities were out of the way Rebecca and Dion enjoyed the day just as they would of any other time of the year. There was a cupcake stop, a stroll through the park, a nice drive and a visit to the pier. Now thats an impressive wedding itinerary!